What We Do

Open Labs is a member-led community bringing together people thriving with brain conditions to create actionable programming and meaningful conversations on mental health – at work and in life.

Together, along with community allies here in Colorado, we can create a more hopeful, open world.


How We're Different

Changing the way the world views brain health is no small feat. That’s why we’re bringing together a neurodiverse group of movers and shakers – those of you living well with brain conditions along with a community of supporters who, like you, wish to create an open world.

Instead of a world where people live afraid and ashamed, we’re putting our members –  and the unique perspectives your brain conditions afford – in the driver’s seat. Your creativity, intelligence and empathy that are proven to accompany brain disorders are the same gifts that will lead us to real solutions.


open weekend

Stay tuned for May 2019 details!