Why Sponsor?

The Facts

  • 1 in 4 U.S. employees experience a brain condition
  • That number jumps to 2 in 4 with entrepreneurs & creatives

  • Brain conditions are 80% treatable, yet 60% of people don’t seek help because they are ashamed or unaware of services

  • Hiding emotions, being closed, and masculine behavior puts men at a 4x risk factor for suicide

What We Do 


We bring together the ingredients to create an open, stigma free world so that:

  • Employers will be motivated to view neurodiversity as an asset
  • Individuals with brain conditions will find a community of peers to know they are not alone and can properly manage and take advantage of thinking differently in their work and lives
  • Companies focused on brain health will have access to a community that cares so they can receive feedback, customers, and further the behavioral health tech field

Ways to Get Involved


The Open Weekend is a biannual event that brings together tech employees living with brain conditions, companies making a difference in brain health, and community leaders who speak about what it means to live, work, and thrive, with a brain condition. With events in Denver and Boulder, its a great opportunity to make a difference in Colorado.

With tax-deductible donation, we offer you the ability to:

  • Connect with a community of neurodivergent workers, leaders, and behavioral health companies in the tech industry and beyond
  • Promote your product or company to a community of corporate and startup leaders who care deeply about brain health
  • Recognize your brand as an active participant in the brain health community and diversity and inclusion movement


Partners are companies or other organizations dedicated to the success of a single experiment. Partners fulfill a strategic need for the group. For example, Health Links, one of 6 groups recognized by the CDC for workplace health evaluation, provides expertise and access for our workplace experiment working to evaluate the level of acceptance a company has for sharing about brain conditions.



Community allies are organizations that stand publicly in support of Open Labs vision of an Open World. They send a clear message to employees and stakeholders that they support by helping those with brain conditions in their organization live Openly and thrive. Allies are part of a list of resources members can turn to in identifying future partners.


APPLY TO The Open Council

Open Council includes prominent business leaders, policy experts, community and academic leaders lend their name and expertise to the Open Labs mission and demonstrate their support of open conversations about brain health in the workplace and beyond.