Becoming a Member

So you have a brain condition? You're in good company. Find a community that “gets it” in Open Labs – your place to come together and create change with other people like you – like us – thriving with brain conditions. 



Come learn more about what it looks like to be a member. We use this face-to-face time to connect, share stories, and plan for our next projects. 

Monthly Social

  • The second Thursday of every month - this gathering is a great place to connect with others who “get it.”  Just show up as yourself!
  • Please find us on; request to join; and RSVP via MeetUp.

Open Weekend

  • The culmination of all we do in a biannual event featuring 3 days of community-powered change and connection. (registration required)


Do you dream of a world where the workplace openly acknowledges brain health? Wish everyone could feel empowered to share their story, unafraid? We tackle these challenges through unique "experiments." That is – we come together, employing the unique perspective our brain conditions afford, to organize and execute solutions, often times working alongside partners and allies who wish to create that same future.  

Come to an event to find out more about how your skills can contribute to building an open world – or read more below.


Just can't wait until our next event to learn more?

We hear you. One of our members would love to chat and learn more about you as well as answer any questions you might have about Open Labs.